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Brandon Harris - Founder Underground Interviews

Underground Interviews was founded on January 1st, 2011 by Brandon Harris. As a music lover he decided to create a facebook group for musicians and he knew he had wanted to interview artist as well. Over a 12 month period that facebook group received more than 5000 followers and the team decided it was time to go bigger. In late 2011 Underground Interviews launched their blog and they began reaching fans in almost 5 nations within the first month.

By December of 2011 Underground Interviews released almost 40 interviews featuring artist like Whitney Peyton, Kung Fu Vampire, and many others. As the end of the 2011 neared the team announced the launch of Underground Girls, an alternative modeling site and sister company to Underground interviews. As the years passed underground Interviews grew and grew. Today reaching 220,000 people a month with updates and Interviews weekly, the blog has grown international. In 2014 Underground Interviews did it's first ever awards week, awarding MGK rapper of the year and Mushroom Head Rock band of the year along with many other awards. That following month in January of 2015 Underground Interviews launched Underground Nations a sister company to host shows and manage artist.

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Underground Nations - House of Cards show

In early 2015 Underground Nation took over management of over 30 Chicago land hip hop artist hosting shows at Mojoe's in Joliet as well as club SIP in Oak Lawn, Tully's Pub in Morris, and many other venues. To highlight the spring of 2015 Underground Interviews launched a stop the violence hip hop campaign in Chicago working with pastor Lonnie Posley of Joliet, as well as Jesse Jackson Sr. and the Rainbow Coalition. The team worked avidly through 2015 hosting a total of 55 local shows and doing peaceful anti-violence demonstrations as well as signing the city of Joliet's anti violence treaty with performer and rapper Big Truck. In late 2015 the team got into working with the Tree of Joliet to bring local hip hop and national hip-hop back to a center and they have been working together since.

As of earily 2016 Underground Interviews and Underground Girls again teamed up with another company the Damned Dolls from Dallas, TX. The teams combined efforts and are covering more grounds than ever.

Interview List:

Whittney Peyton, The Big Smo, BuckCherry, Bowling for Soup, I Prevail, Devour The Day, Finger 11, Necro, Kung Fu Vampire, Bad Seed Rising, Cali Swag District, Necro, KidCrusher, American Standard, SKUM, Smallz Onez LSP, Daddy Long Leggz, DEATHBREED, Slaughter Denail, Viscal Disgorge, Marpo, Papa Duck, Bino Bandz, Haze, Alone At Last, Yung Streetz, Blood Soaked, J.J Browning Band, I Spit Ashes, Blunt Trauma, Lividity, Color Stone, Hex Rated, Cracle Capone, Ace Capone, Tankard, Mizz Trice, Joe Doe, 2Wikid, Liquid Assassin, Sleete, Cryptic Wisdom, Candle Box, Moonshine Bandits, Origin, DJ Blunt, Vanna, Aaron Chandler, Josh Todd, Michelle of Fireflight, One Year Reign, NADA Problem, Pazzo of 2nsane, DJ Fame, Big Truck, Chi Town Bomber, Jelly Roll, Solow Redline, Jaret Reddick, Adorio, King Ruga, and more.


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