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Brandon HarrisBorn: 9/21/1989 Home Town:Joliet, IL Current City:Crest Hill, IL

Early Life:

Brandon Harris was born on September 21st, 1989 in Joliet, IL. As a child he was raised in a single-parent household and was a bit of a nuisance. By 17 Brandon had graduated high-school and traveled the United States learning how to tattoo. As time went on he learned the tattoo industry and music industry collided a lot.As he began to travel through North Carolina he found a new love for music. As he foud this passion he began to plot and plan,and eventually released Underground Interviews and Underground Girls in 2011. Since Brandon has won 13 awards for blogging, and photography. Also being the owner Underground Gils an alternative modeling company Brandon has built the following of millions of fans worldwide. In 2016 Brandon announced the publication of his second book " Social Media Success, as well as announcing that he would speak for the national US Green party on how to succeed in social media which he did on May 20th, 2016. Brandon has

Underground Interviews:

Brandon founded Underground Interviews in 2011 after a lot of hard work and thinking. Launching originally on facebook and then working with a team of over 30 people to grow the page into a blog. Now in 2016 the team has completed over 1290 Interviews and reviews. In early 2016 it was announced that Underground Interviews would be launching a magazine in conjunction with Underground Interviews, UG Magazine. The team is due to release a Warped Tour Special in September 2016.

Underground Girls:

While setting up and starting Underground Interviews in 2011 Brandon also decided to launch Underground Girls. In February of 2011 Brandon reached out to Hannah Sweet (Age 24) a model from North Carolina and she became the spokes woman for Underground Girls. The duo worked side by side gaining a team of 300 people from 17 countries who helped bring in new talent and manage the girls. Underground Girls reached over 500,000 facebook likes on their fan page by September 22nd, 2011. On November 5th of 2011 Underground Girls facebook page was shut down do to adult images and the team then started from scratch. Over a period of 5 years the team has re-developed and started reaching out to different fields. Currently the team books models for photographers and content developers as well they own and publish UG Magazine with Underground Interviews.

UG Magazine:

In January 2016 Brandon Harris set out on a venture to launch a magazine called UG Magazine. UG magazine released its first issue with a cumulative 400,000 suscribers and continues to grow. Now on it's 5th and largest release due in September. UG Magazine recently gained the support of Cold Cock Whiskey and a few other sponsors as well as partnering whit the Dallas based Damned Dolls Magazine!

Musical Journey:

Brandon Harris has worked with a variety of artist through artist management below is the listing of artist Brandon has worked with and represented.

Lawn Care Marketing Success:

In 2015 Brandon Harris opened LCMS better know as Lawn Care Marketing Success. Having much success in the music filed while still managing Underground Interviews. By early 2016 the business had become a global success having helped business all over the world and building websites on 4 continents. Currently Brandon and his fiance Kelly Muscalino manage LCMS.

Artist Management - Social Media Management

2011 - 2013 Chuck of 2NSANE

2013 - 2013 The Rapture

2015 - 2015 William Frank

2015 - 2015 The Outsiders

2015 - 2015 Smokem Records

2015 - 2015 The Chicago Outfit

2015 - 2015 Big Lewis

2015 - 2015 Cynical

2015 - 2015 DJ Caveman

2015 - CUR Big Truck

2015 - CUR Trenton P

2015 - CUR A - Lane


Brayleigh Harris


(Age 26) Michelle Naylor - 2011-2015

(Age 25) Kelly Muscalino - 2015-Current